Powering Innovation Together

KeyNet’s Strategic Technology Partners 

KeyNet collaborates with strategic technology partners to leverage their expertise, technology, and resources to deliver comprehensive and effective solutions for their clients.

Why KeyNet Believes having a Diverse Partner Network is Crucial for their Clients

Flexibility and Scalability:

Client needs can vary greatly. With our diverse technology sponsorship network, KeyNet can tailor solutions by integrating the strengths of different technology companies. This flexibility allows us to scale our solutions and more easily adapt to changing client requirements.

Risk Mitigation:

Having a broad network of technology partners reduces risk. If one partner faces issues, KeyNet can easily pivot, without disrupting your work flow. This diversification ensures business continuity and protects our clients from potential downtime.

Fosters Innovation:

Collaboration with diverse technology partners can spark new ideas and lead to groundbreaking innovation. By combing KeyNet’s expertise with their vendor partners, we can develop unique solutions that address complex client challenges.

Partnering with Innovators

Our Technology Partners are Tech Industry Leaders.

Here’s some of the criteria that explains how and why we partner with them.

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Offer Specific Capabilities

Many of our strategic partners have products and services that complement the tech that KeyNet offers providing our clients with more comprehensive solutions for their technology needs.

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Aligns with KeyNet’s Values

We deliver value to our clients by working with vendors who are customer-centric, hence ensuring that our clients joint offerings meet customer needs and expectations while staying aligned with our values.

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Track Record of Success

We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the technology sector with proven track records. Our strategic partners understand that working with KeyNet leads to mutual growth for all parties involved.

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Industry Leading Innovators

Our strategic partners are committed to driving innovation, exploring new technologies, and developing cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Strategic Technology Partners


As a Cisco partner, KeyNet has access to Cisco’s extensive range of networking, security, and IT Solutions enabling us to integrate Cisco’s tech into our own products, services, and solutions.

Dell Technologies

KeyNet has access to Dell Technologies’ extensive portfolio of products and solutions, including hardware, software, cloud services, storage, networking, and more.


As a VMWare partner, KeyNet has access to VMware’s comprehensive range of virtualization, cloud, and software-designed solutions allowing us to integrate these technologies into our own service solutions.


KeyNet can integrate HP’s hardware and solutions into our own offerings, creating tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our customers.


Through our Platinum partnership with Netsurion, KeyNet offers a full range of value-added cybersecurity services including 24×7 monitoring, threat hunting and detection, and both automated incident response and guided remediation support.


Microsoft recognizes KeyNet as a company that offers the best solutions to its customers by undertaking Microsoft’s rigorous and auditable approval process, placing it among the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide.


As a Barracuda Networks Partner, KeyNet provides cloud-first security solutions that are easy to deploy and use, protecting the people, data, apps and networks of its customers.


Veeam Software is a company that specializes in data backup, disaster recovery, and intelligent data management solutions. As a Silver Partner, KeyNet offers these innovative services to its clients.

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