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KeyNet Build is focused on your business technology, regardless of location. Let KeyNet design and build IT infrastructure providing the right solution that fits your business’s unique needs and budgets.

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Why KeyNet Build?

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Technology Strategy

KeyNet works with you to understand your business goals and objectives. This collaborative approach enables us to align the correct solution that directly supports your business strategy. 

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Expertise and Skillset

KeyNet’s engineering teams have the technical skillsets, practical experience, and training needed for each project, ensuring the successful implementation of your solutions.  

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Strategic Partnerships

KeyNet maintains strong relationships with our vendors and strategic partners. This benefits our clients with priority access to technologies, streamlined procurement, and financing options.

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Effective communication entails transparent, straightforward dialogue, consistent updates, mutually beneficial collaboration, and a real understanding and consideration for feedback.

Explore KeyNet Build Capabilities

Infrastructure and Networking

Choose KeyNet for a robust and tailored business network and cloud infrastructure. Our experts will design and build IT infrastructure using the latest technologies and trusted vendors to ensure your infrastructure is secure, efficient, and aligned with your business needs. Let us elevate your operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation, positioning your business for success. 

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Collaborating with team members across multiple locations

End-User Computing and Collaboration

KeyNet is your partner for End-User Computing and Collaboration, providing tailored, user-friendly solutions that enable seamless team collaboration across locations, equipping your workforce for optimal productivity and innovation using the latest technology. With KeyNet, you’re investing in efficient operations today and adaptable growth for tomorrow. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery  

Choose KeyNet for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to ensure resilience in an uncertain business environment. We provide advanced solutions to minimize downtime and data loss, ensuring swift recovery from disruptions. With KeyNet, you get proven expertise and robust systems, ensuring your business remains unshaken, no matter the challenge. Every business, regardless of size, should have a plan according to

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KeyNet Covers All Phases of Your Business Technology

After we build it, we support and defend what we build encompassing your business’s technology stack throughout its entire lifecycle.

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KeyNet Support focuses on your users and critical business assets no matter where they exist or where your employees may be working that day. We do this by integrating into your business as your main IT team or partnering with your existing IT team to provide the support tools to enhance operations and extend your in-house capabilities through escalated support. We’ve helped many businesses like yours enhance overall satisfaction and capabilities, leading to better business outcomes.

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KeyNet Defend focuses on protecting your business from known and unknown modern-day threats. Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is a critical and necessary component for your business technology strategy. When you include regulatory compliance requirements or cybersecurity insurance questionnaires, the commitment of time and capital only increases. KeyNet understands these challenges that make these decisions difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Testimonials without scripts. Real clients sharing unfiltered feedback.

“KeyNet brought us out of the stone age; slowly moved us into a much more efficient networking model. They are constantly bringing up proposals to us to improve our networking – keeping our users working and bringing revenue in.”

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