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We defend our client’s technology stack by implementing a multifaceted and proactive approach to cybersecurity that encompasses various strategies, technologies, and best practices.

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Why KeyNet Defend?

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Defending Against Data Breaches

KeyNet understands the concern around data breaches that can result in significant financial loss, damage to the company’s reputation, legal penalties, and long-lasting harm to customer trust and business operations. 

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Cybersecurity Insurance

The requirements to qualify for cybersecurity insurance are increasing every year. We work with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

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Risk Mitigation

Lowering cybersecurity risk saves money by preventing costly data breaches, avoiding potential regulatory fines, and maintaining customer trust and business reputation. A strong defense ensures uninterrupted operations.

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Minimizing Operational Disruptions

A data breach can disrupt and compromise business operations. Providing real-time defense with threat-hunting capabilities reduces the likelihood of costly disruption.  

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Identifying Security Gaps

Identifying security gaps is essential for a robust security posture. Regular assessments uncover vulnerabilities in systems and practices, allowing organizations to address potential threats proactively. This ensures compliance with industry standards and protects assets, reputation, and customer trust, preventing breaches and costly consequences. 

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Defense in Depth

Defense in depth is a layered cybersecurity approach, ensuring multiple protective measures are in place. If one layer fails, others act as backup. KeyNet integrates physical, technical, and administrative controls with well-defined policies and procedures to fortify an organization’s defenses against evolving cyber threats, bolstering data protection and safeguarding its reputation and operations. 

Incident Response

Incident response is a critical process that manages the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, aiming to minimize damage and recovery costs. An effective incident response plan includes preparation, detection, containment, eradication, and recovery, followed by a post-incident analysis to prevent future breaches. Rapid detection and quick action are essential to mitigate risks, protect assets, and maintain an organization’s reputation. KeyNet can handle this entire process for you, ensuring that your organization is fully prepared and can respond swiftly and effectively when a cybersecurity incident occurs. 

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KeyNet Covers All Phases of Your Business Technology

After we build it, we support and defend what we build, encompassing your business’s technology stack throughout its entire lifecycle.

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KeyNet Build is focused on your business technology no matter where it exists. From on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and work-from-anywhere environments, let KeyNet design and build a solution that meets your business’s unique needs and budgets. Success in your technology build allows your environment to be supported and defended more efficiently, while reducing your total cost of ownership. We help businesses achieve their goals through the better use of technology.

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KeyNet Support is focused on your users and critical business assets no matter where they exist or where your employees may be working that day. We do this by integrating into your business as your main IT team or partnering with your existing IT team to provide the support tools to enhance operations and extend your in-house capabilities through escalated support. We’ve helped many businesses like yours enhance overall satisfaction and capabilities leading to better business outcomes.

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