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We care about what our clients think. Discover how KeyNet is helping local businesses like yours in these testimonials without scripts.

Why hearing from real clients matters?

At KeyNet Technology, we believe in true partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success. Testimonials without scripts in the form of client feedback helps us tailor our technology solutions to perfectly meet our client’s needs. We are passionate about empowering businesses with innovative technology solutions. With a constantly evolving landscape we believe that when we listen to our customers, we can identify areas for improvement and stay ahead of the curve, delivering the best possible technology solutions.

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“You can get services, there’s always companies out there that are competing, but there is an integrity piece, a trust [with KeyNet]. Customer service, that you can’t always buy. Kevin has built a team that has all of those. That’s why I don’t see us ever changing. He’s built a great company.”
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“KeyNet brought us out of the stone age; slowly moved us into a much more efficient networking model. They are constantly bringing up proposals to us to improve our networking – keeping our users working and bringing revenue in.”
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“That customer service aspect that makes you feel like you’re not really a dummy, even though there’s no comparison. Kevin doesn’t talk down to you, he talks to you and gets you to understand things in a way that makes sense to you and it’s just an extremely rare quality that he has. It’s truly an awesome partnership.”
“KeyNet’s team never treat us like they have more important customers.”
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“There are providers I have dealt with over the years that I’ve replaced because they didn’t measure up. They just weren’t reliable, their sales staff was horrible, and I got rid of them. I don’t have any of those issues with KeyNet. I know every single person there and some I consider friends.”
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“Time is money and if we’re down, we’re losing time and money. We’ve yet to come across anything like that since we’ve been working together with KeyNet.”
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They never treat us like they have more important customers.
“Kevin doesn’t talk down to you. He talks to you and gets you to understand things in a way that makes sense to you… It’s truly an awesome partnership.”
Testimonials without Scripts

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