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KeyNet Technologies Ramps Fight Against Cyber Threats

KeyNet Security Analyst Earns Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

KeyNet announced the certification of Mr. Ryan B. as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). CISSP qualification requires a minimum of 5 years of experience in two of eight IT security domains. CISSP qualification also includes rigorous training. It required passing the CISSP exam that has an 80% fail rate as well. Plus, he needed an endorsement by another CISSP security professional. Maintaining this qualification requires continuous learning. The demand for CISSP professionals outpaces the actual number of CISSP professionals. As of January 2022, the CISSP designation, which ISC2 originally introduced in 1994, is held by only 152,632 members worldwide. CISSP enhances cybersecurity services offered by KeyNet.

KeyNet’s CISSP enhances Cybersecurity Services that protect & defend critical business data

According to Kevin, KeyNet’s founder, “The addition of CISSP certification at KeyNet Technologies deepens our commitment to a security-first approach to building, supporting, and defending business networks.” Ryan has demonstrated his deep knowledge and understanding of both existing and emerging threats in the spectrum of cybersecurity with a wide range of clients throughout Southeast Pennsylvania. With Ryan’s CISSP accreditation, KeyNet is positioned to provide even more enhanced Cybersecurity services that begin with designing systems and networks that are more appropriately fortified to protect and defend against cyber threats and extend to the response and recovery when a threat is real.

CISSP Enhances Cybersecurity

The demand for the CISSP certification is skyrocketing. Real cybersecurity threats increased 125% in 20211, including phishing attacks, malware, hacking, and in-house security breaches. Critical business systems, networks, and data are at higher risk of a cybersecurity incident or breach now more than ever. Adding a CISSP credentialed Security Analyst at KeyNet Technologies ensures continuous, intentional improvements to securing client-critical business systems, infrastructure, personnel, and data. To find out more about KeyNet Technologies’ Advanced Cybersecurity Services, contact them at 717-517-9604 or by email at

About KeyNet Technologies

KeyNet Technologies has provided information technology consulting, managed services, and managed security services to businesses and organizations across central Pennsylvania since 2010. KeyNet partners to co-manage or fully manage operational IT across small and medium-size organizations with a focus on building, supporting, and defending critical business systems and data.

Contact: | 717.517.9604

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