Keep your information secure with comprehensive and agile services.

No business networks today are immune from data breaches and the onslaught of complex threats daily. Many businesses lack the experience and staffing to respond to these threats. For this reason, KeyNet has developed its Advanced Cybersecurity platform.  Partnering with KeyNet protects your business with the same platform that KeyNet uses to protect its own.

A proactive security strategy is critical to safeguarding your business and your clients from potential attacks and breaches. This need drives KeyNet’s comprehensive, dynamic approach to Cybersecurity. Our multi-layered, in-depth defense approach and partnerships with certified, AAA-rated technology partners secures and protects our clients before, during, and after breach attempts.

Cybersecurity Standards

KeyNet uses the National Institute for Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) as a foundation for your security posture. The CSF gives an unbiased, standards-based approach to understanding, addressing, continually evaluating, and improving your organization’s security posture.

The proliferation of advanced persistent threats is outpacing the cybersecurity abilities and resources of IT organizations today. To effectively predict, protect, and defend your business, data, and infrastructure from advanced threats, a comprehensive approach is necessary.

KeyNet works with you to map your business’s current security strategy to the CSF to uncover gaps and show how Advanced Cybersecurity can strengthen your defenses. Today, businesses routinely focus on the traditional methodologies that align with the CSF’s Identify, Protect, and Recover functions while leaving a gap in Detect (threat detection) and Respond (threat remediation) functions.

Partner with KeyNet to gain maximum protection from the unknown with predictive, proactive, and responsive cybersecurity services powered by the KeyNet Threat Center.

  • Help your business understand and mitigate risk 
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by our Security Operations Center (SOC) 
  • Compliance for HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others
  • Protection for systems that are on-premise, remote, or in the cloud 
  • Be prepared and build your incident response plan
  • Access our team of experts

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