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Welcome to Our New Website!


KeyNet Technologies thanks you for visiting our new website!

We are excited to offer this website to you, and hope you find its contents helpful and informative. As we present our refreshed brand along with the new site, we want to share a bit about the journey that brought us here. It’s all about partnership and intentionality, two ideals that drive our culture and keep our business moving forward.

Our Intentional Approach to Partnerships

KeyNet focuses on outcomes first when designing solutions. We know that every business is different. You have goals you aim to achieve, which could be anything from improving culture and retention, to increasing profitability, or creating an innovative product. No matter what they are, these desired outcomes are specific to you, and it’s our job to provide the technology to help you reach them. That is why we approach every project and partnership with intentionality and evolve the services we offer into solutions that help you achieve your desired outcomes. We are your strategic partner – when you succeed, we succeed.

As your strategic partner, we constantly look for ways to better serve you. We value your input, because without it we’d be standing still. We encourage a mutual effort to gain and give feedback to not only build trust within the partnership but help us improve how we deliver services and build solutions. Today, we’re focusing on how we deliver KeyNet as a company with a fresh, clean brand and updated, professional website.

New Website, Fresh Brand, Same KeyNet

Our new website features a clean, modern look designed to be both attractive and easy to navigate. You will find insight into our unique approach to partnering, the business technology solutions that drive our services, information about our vendor partners, testimonials from customers, and more as you explore the site. The website is designed to show you who we are and provide information on how we intentionally approach business. We hope that you will use the website as a resource for information specific to KeyNet, but also as a trusted source for industry trends, updates, and insight.

If you have questions about our new site or the solutions that we offer, we are eager to hear from you! Contact us online today and let’s start a conversation. Visit our blog again soon for industry updates, technology news, and top trends to watch for in the coming year. We look forward to continuing to serve you, intentionally.