Virtual Server and Desktop Solutions

Virtualization can be the single most important cost-saving information systems investment for your organization.  In years past, the cost of entry into server and desktop virtualization was prohibitive for the small, and even medium sized business market.  Today, the cost of entry to virtualize has plummeted with the commoditization of all components of today’s datacenter.

In addition, it is difficult to fully utilize server capabilities when servers are built in the “traditional” physical hardware.  The physical technology advancements have outpaced the software and the user demands we place on a single server.  Consolidating many servers onto a single server enclosure is not a trend anymore, it is becoming the normal migration case for organizations.  Whereas a “traditional” single physical server may only see 10-15% peak utilization, multiple servers running on a virtual host should push that sustained utilization to over 70%.

The consolidation through virtualization not only saves your organization on physical hardware, but also on your power, cooling, and datacenter footprint.  A proper deployment of virtualization enhances the management, flexibility, business continuity options, and amplifies the availability of your production servers.  All of these factors will increase your returns for investing in the virtualization of your datacenter.

KeyNet Technologies is here to guide your organization through the planning, budgeting, and execution of a virtualization plan for your organization.  Our breadth of virtualization experience will help you understand the steps to virtualize your server and desktop environments.  

We have clients that are on their third generation of virtualization of their datacenter. At this point these clients are now augmenting their server virtualization with the latest virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to consolidate client computers and even graphics intensive CAD workstations.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or challenges you may be experiencing with your existing virtual environment.  We have the tools and experience to help with any bottlenecks in your virtualized datacenter.  

KeyNet Technologies has a team of VMware and Microsoft certified professionals who excel in migrating clients from physical to virtual compute environments.   We look forward to opening a discussion on how we may help you take your datacenter dollar to great lengths.