Server Solutions

microsoft solutionsMicrosoft products are at the heart of most networks.  Keeping them running can be a daunting task if not done correctly.  From the hardware that is chosen to the way Windows is installed, it all makes a difference on how your network runs.

When your Central PA business needs technical expertise on the installation, configuration, migration, and troubleshooting of the Windows family of operating systems and servers, contact KeyNet Technologies.


  • Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Active Directory Design
  • Organizational Unit and Group Policy Design
  • Sites and Services Design
  • DNS and DHCP Design
  • NTP (network time) hierarchy for clients and servers
  • Network printing
  • Windows Server Certificate Authority Design
  • Advanced network login scripts 

Messaging, Collaboration and Mobile Access

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Mobile devices connectivity to email, calendar, and contacts
  • Office 365


  • Microsoft SQL Server installation and configuration


  • Microsoft Windows Clients
  • Windows Update security and critical patch management
  • Rollout and imaging techniques
  • Microsoft Office premise and Office 365