Thanks for taking the time to review our service.  We know that there are many choices when it comes to supporting your IT infrastructure and who you choose to partner with.  The ManageIT service is a culmination of our years of IT support experience and best in class products that are used behind the scenes to help support your business's IT.  Take some time to review the details and contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk.


Expertise. Working with KeyNet Technologies gives you access to a support team with years of Information Technology experience and expertise.

KeyNet Technologies provides the tools to help organize your IT department’s support chain, making them much more efficient when responding to user issues, resulting in shorter and less frequent downtimes.

Peace of Mind. ManageIT gives you peace of mind, knowing that KeyNet will provide both onsite and remote support when needed and will monitor your server and networks at all times, ensuring maximum uptime.

Security. Patching technology provides the ultimate protection from the latest security and malware threats, including updates for third party applications that run in the background.  Routine scanning for known internet firewall exploits keeps your business secure.

Predictable Service Fees. The monthly service fees are calculated based on the number of supported users in your business.  This approach makes ManageIT more about quality and less about how long the fix may take.

Knowledge. Having asset information at your fingertips was once a time-consuming and tedious task.  ManageIT gives you all this in real time. 


Tools for your internal IT department

Cloud-Based Service Board.  This service board allows your existing IT department to handle tickets that are both manually opened by your employees and automatically opened by agent software installed on your company’s servers and computers by KeyNet.

Second Level Support and Escalation. If your IT department is seeking help with remediation, they can forward the ticket to KeyNet Technologies who acts as the second level of support.

Proactive Technology Management

Network Monitoring.  With our advanced network monitoring suite, any IP endpoint on your network can be monitored.  Access to view the status and metrics of the monitored devices can be through a web browser, email, text, or smartphone app.

Granular Windows Patch Management.  All desktops and servers are individually tracked and monitored using the latest advancements in Patching Technology.  If there are issues with patches on any client, a ticket is opened.

Third Party Application Patch Management. The third party patch management takes care of providing critical updates for the multitude of helper applications that run in the background on the end-user PC’s like Java, Flash, Acrobat, and others.

Antivirus and Antimalware Management.  Instead of having to pay yearly maintenance fees for scanning products like Symantec, McAfee, and others, included in the fixed monthly cost is a monitored and managed antivirus and antimalware defense client.

SPAM Control / Encrypted Email.  ManageIT includes hosted SPAM and virus protection for your email system.  It also integrates with your messaging system to allow you to send encrypted emails when necessary to protect the contents of your internet-bound email.

Optimization.  With automated tasks that monitor disk health and fragmentation, event log messages, best practice scans, application changes, and other key metrics, you can be assured that all computers are optimized for current and future technologies.

Security Scans of Internet-Facing Devices.  On a monthly basis, or when there are new services configured, KeyNet will perform a scan of the internet-facing device that will test for the known exploits that exist.  We then review the results, make changes if necessary, and send you a copy.

Web Security and Content Filtering.  Partnering with OpenDNS, this service provides cloud based Internet security and filtering. Insight into this service is done through a web portal available to the internal IT department and business management.

Network Administration

Active Directory Management.  As experts in Active Directory management, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure that your Active Directory is secure, compliant, and available.

Server Management.  We realize the need for your servers to be running 100% of the time as well as being updated with the most current software. It is our job to manage your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Application Management.  Just like on the servers, there are industry applications that are installed on the computers that need to be managed and updated, ensuring maximum value and usability on the individual user’s PC.

Vendor Management.  We can act on behalf of your business when communicating with other technology vendors that are involved with your business.  This will help ensure transparency and visibility from all your technology vendor partners.

Hardware & Software Asset Management.  Do you know what applications are on your network?  Do you have any idea of how many licenses you are using compared to what you own?  Do you know what servers, network equipment, and workstations are out of warranty?  Access to this type of information allows for easier budgeting and business continuity.  

Reactive Support Services

Communication.  KeyNet offers help desk support via an email, a customer portal on the desktop, or by making a phone call.  Regardless of the method used to reach KeyNet, one of our Systems Support Engineers are available.

On-Site and Remote Support.  KeyNet’s team of system engineers will provide day-to-day onsite and remote support when needed.

Customer Portal. Log into an online portal to see all your account information.  If you are a manager, you can see your business’s open tickets and assets.  All users can use the portal to open tickets or to update the tickets they have open.

Technology Consulting – Virtual CIO

Server and Network Planning.  When it comes time for upgrades or expansion, KeyNet believes in making sure you understand what the technology is and reasons we think it would or would not be the best fit to accomplish your goals.

Budgetary Planning.  Along with the planning, getting a handle on what your technology costs now and will cost in the future is imperative.

Quarterly Meetings.  We will sit down with you on a quarterly basis and review your network.  It also gives you a chance to discuss future changes or upcoming projects with us.